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healing photos

Human beings are beautiful only when they have both beauty and ugliness.

When we are young, we may have a beautiful flower-like appearance, but as we grow older, we all become wrinkled and no trace of that appearance disappears.

I'm sure normal people wouldn't think that was beautiful.

But photographer USHUN feels that it is truly beautiful from the bottom of his heart.

Light and shadow, right and wrong, success and failure.

The photographs depicting the front and back sides of us humans through the viewfinder comfort us and speak softly to us.


Popular business trip photographer USHUN in Ebisu.Tokyo


Why did on-site photography become so popular? I think the biggest reason for this is that equipment such as cameras and strobes are lighter and the performance of equipment is much better than in the past. 

"Photography is entertainment"

​Increase in the number of customers who search online for business trip photographer or business trip photography.In line with this, the PR will be based on how to select a traveling photographer so that even those who are considering using traveling photography for the first time can use it with confidence without making mistakes.

​"You can take both portrait and individual photos on a business trip."

An increase in the number of photographers offering on-site shooting. In response to the need for photography services, an increasing number of companies are gathering photographers to create content and provide on-site photography services. Nowadays, services called traveling photographers have become commonplace.




   -Why do you choose USHUN? -

  1. Experience and humanity: USHUN has accumulated a wealth of experience through trial and error. This is his unique perspectiveand has a deep understanding of photography. We value communication with our customers and work sincerely to make the shooting experience even better.

  2. High level of technical ability:In addition to the evolution of cameras and equipment, the U.S.HUNHe also has excellent techniques for controlling light, shadow, and composition. Maximize the functionality of your camera and elevate your photos from mere records to art. His techniques enable expression that goes beyond the limits of high-performance equipment.

  3. Creativity and imagination:USHUN is more than just photography; we incorporate artistic perspective and creativity to create a unique worldview. One of his hallmarks is his ability to find moments in his photographs that tell a story and evoke emotion.

  4. Customized service: We work closely with each customer and provide services tailored to their needs. We will propose the optimal plan according to the purpose and style of the shoot, and create unforgettable photos for our customers.


  USHUN is a photographer who can be trusted not only technically but also as a person.

The world captured through his lens is more than just a photograph. 













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