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​Just as you feel it

I specialize in on-the-go photography and am passionate about capturing unique moments in vivid detail.
We will help you turn your special moments into memories that will last a lifetime.

■Experience and expertise
I have accumulated experience in shooting and am used to shooting in various scenes and environments.
We have extensive experience in a wide range of genres, including portraits, landscapes, and events. We also constantly update ourselves with the latest camera technology and photography methods to provide high-quality work.

■Unique style and approach
My style is individual and I focus on creating a special experience for my clients.
We take pictures from a unique perspective, such as beautiful photos that take advantage of natural light and portraits that bring out people's true expressions and emotions.
We will suggest a shooting style that suits your individuality and needs, and together we will create your ideal work.

■Customer service
We value communication with our customers and provide services that are attentive to every detail.
Before the shoot, we will have a meeting to understand the customer's requests and image. We also take your opinions into account when selecting and editing photos after the shoot, and strive to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

■Use of website and SNS
You can see my work and works through my website and SNS.
I include sample shoots and customer feedback so you can learn more about my style and abilities.
Please follow us.




・Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2022

・Space Love Shower 2018.2019

・Tokyo Girls Collection 2018

・2018 CP+ Presented at the "Focus Workshop" booth

・Diners Club French Restaurant Week


・Fuji TV “Time Tunnel” opening still

・MBS “kawaii JAPAN da!!”


・TBS Radio “Kinashi no Kai” (Gyao: Kinashi no Kai) *Appearance


Taylor Hill

Celine Farach 


​Murakami PONTA Shuichi Live Shooting


JUDY AND MARY (Kota Igarashi) Event photography

​NO! RED(Kota Igarashi/Yoshio Nomura/Hiroaki Tagawa/Koichi Terasawa/DIE)

Hiroaki Tagawa "Album FACE jacket photography"


polka dot stingray

​Kaho Nakamura


​・USUI BRUSH Co., Ltd. (Photography/Web production design)

・GC TURBO (Tokyo Game Show After Party)​

​・General Foundation Constantine the Great・Royal Order of St. Helena


Portrait photos (family, various events, profiles, weddings, etc.)

Food photography, artist photography, real estate

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