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Company profile and specified commercial transactions

Management company: COCOON

Established       : July 11, 2008

Capital    : 3,000,000


Eligible bill issuing business

Shop name: USHUN

distributor    :COCOON ENTERTAINMENT .inc

Chief Operating Officer: USHUN

Business address and contact information

1-17-2 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0021

Phone number: 080-5973-5757

Payment method: cash, credit card, bank transfer

Payment period/deadline: Within one week after notification of billing information

Delivery deadline: Within 2 weeks from the day of shooting

※please note

The products we handle are photographic data. Unlike other products, there are no replacement products, so returns are not possible. Also, we cannot accept any requests from the start of shooting to after shooting, so please be careful when using this service. ​

Regarding the occurrence of cancellation fees

100% on the day, 3 days before - 50% the day before, 4 days before - 6 days before 25%, 7 days before 0%



circle and edge

Born and raised in Japan, we share our feelings of gratitude with our customers, and at the same time value the relationships we create through encounters and bonds.

Pursuing spirit

My photographs reflect my own experiences.

Life is not only about successes and joys, but also times of failure, suffering, and sadness that remain in our memories. The photos I take come from it, so it changes shape and form until my life stops. What kind of work will you end up with? I'm looking forward to it myself.

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